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Week 5 class

April 14, 2008

Derek did the inaugural 360 panorama for our group:

(thanks to Jack for helping with that, as well as appearing multiple times in it!)

John has a new, large, panorama up:

(thanks to Jim and Sarah for working on the mystery of the order of the pictures.)

Bill visited to learn about GigaPans and quickly got his first one up:

(we love to have people come & visit & work on GigaPans with us!)

Wanda contributed lots and lots of snapshots.

Sara’s game is posted:

Laurie (from LRDC) visited.

David is still working to do as much as he can on a Linux machine.

Thanks to all the teachers for doing such a wonderful job, and nice work, everybody!

To see all the Computing Workshop GigaPans that are on the GigaPan site (21 and counting):