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Gigapan Mania

March 23, 2008

If you’ve ever heard about the Gigapan, then you know that in its simplistic design that there is something more about it then what is already said. Many people have talked about making something like this, but only a year ago did someone take our words and make something out of it. So? you wonder, what is the point of the mania? Well there is a reason to this kind of chaos. If we were to think that something like this could be used as an outside attachment, then why can’t we go a little further and make a tripod that can integrate the Gigapan structure. If this is not enough..just think what people can make with a little bit of technology and a whole lot of imagination. If there is a crude piece to the Gigapan..its that we have not come up with this idea sooner. I hope that we do less talking about an idea and get started sooner on the idea to make it a real life experence.

Good day and Ciao, and hope to see you later,

Samuel Barkowitz

P.S. Gigapan is wonderful!