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Endless Possibilities!

April 5, 2008

At first glance, the unassuming look of the Gigapan robotic camera controller does not produce excitement in the observer.  However, once you have gone through the process of creating a Gigapan, from camera setup through the photo shoot and “stitching” together of the indivdual zoomed in pictures, and ending with viewing the dramatic result, the proverbial “light bulb” will light in your brain, and you will smile!  The concept is really quite simple – snap a few dozen closeup pictures of a large scene and feed them to a computer program with the smarts to match them up and assemble them into one large composite view.  The power of the result, however, is far beyond simple in its ability to impress the senses.  I think the aspect of Gigapans that generates the excitement and gets your “Idea Mill” into gear, is the fact that the ability to zoom in on any segment of the full panarama would otherwise only be possible if the viewer were wielding a telescope!

My first experience with a computer was in the Navy in 1959, where the computer filled a room the size of a typical classrom.  As a programmer, I’ve watched the technology grow in power and storage capability over the years.  Perhaps this is why watching a small desktop computer “stitching” billions of pieces of a puzzle together in a reasonable period of time, makes ME smile!

–Jim Fox