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Hi from the other Sara!

April 12, 2008

Hope you are enjoying the Gigapanorama class!

Please make a Challenge for the students who aren’t in your class hour! Creating a challenge is open to students and teachers. This is a sketch of how to do this — but you may change it, creatively, and then I will fill in the gaps and assemble them all into one web page. 


Create a Gigapan Challenge

by Sara Masters ( 

Each class will be a team competing against the other two classes of teachers and students. I will assemble all of the challenges into one game.  The team with the highest score wins! 

All the students and teachers should begin their challenge for other Gigapan classes:

1. Mark a start location. (address, words, mark on Google Earth), The most fun might be to pick an existing Gigapan that already shows up on Google Earth.  I can add them to Google Earth if someone gives me their location in words/address.

2. Produce an image or snapshot that is found at the new location. This won’t be given through Gigapan, or else they’ll know the answer right away. If they all email it to me or something, I can assemble this opening page. Origin of picture – a snapshot or screen capture taken when in Gigapan.

BEST: use the student’s own Gigapan but the goal can be any Gigapan taken by r250 and/or CW participants (marked with these tags) or any in Pittsburgh.

3. Create a pathway to go between these landmarks, using the following:

   a. draw a pathway with straight lines and turns on a map.

   b. use street directions

4. Add any creative touches — such as hints.



Sara Masters