My name is Chuck. I have been using the Gigapan, and teaching it to others in the Computing Workshop. It’s very fun. I am excited about this new image making tool. I think this robot will slowly revolutionize image making as we know it. The gigapan image has such a powerful ability to command detail and render information, it will ultimately change the way humans see. This will take a while to happen, I admit. Nevertheless, it will change us.

This is a truth about all revolutionary technology. These new tools descend upon us. We build each new thing, in order to change the technology. Then the technology takes us over and changes how we see. We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us, you see?  We deny this at first. We evaluate every new technology in terms of the old ones. Each new tool is evaluated and valued in terms of its contribution to a time long gone. We are continually focused on the past, instead of the future. We have our gaze fascinated on the tools of the past and how they work. We sort of, walk into the future, backwards. Firmly fixated on the past. We call it  “hindsight”. Our vision of yesterday shapes the tools of tomorrow. As the smells of the old darkroom slowly fade, we clutch the rolls of film tightly in our hands, refusing to release the artifacts which are already dead, passed away and, more and more, useless. Do you see?


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