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March 29, 2008


Hi, my name is Beth, I am an adult taking the Computing Workshop’s GigaPan class. I have been interested in the many applications of computers for a long time. The GigaPan idea is facinating to me. I love to zoom in on the pictures and see all the different things that are going on that don’t appear at first. I’m excited to see all the different things the GigaPan students will produce.





Gigapan Mania

March 23, 2008

If you’ve ever heard about the Gigapan, then you know that in its simplistic design that there is something more about it then what is already said. Many people have talked about making something like this, but only a year ago did someone take our words and make something out of it. So? you wonder, what is the point of the mania? Well there is a reason to this kind of chaos. If we were to think that something like this could be used as an outside attachment, then why can’t we go a little further and make a tripod that can integrate the Gigapan structure. If this is not enough..just think what people can make with a little bit of technology and a whole lot of imagination. If there is a crude piece to the Gigapan..its that we have not come up with this idea sooner. I hope that we do less talking about an idea and get started sooner on the idea to make it a real life experence.

Good day and Ciao, and hope to see you later,

Samuel Barkowitz

P.S. Gigapan is wonderful!

A new twist to “I Spy With My Little Eye”

March 22, 2008

Wanda of Computing Workshop notes:

     Gigapan panoramas are so very useful for esoteric, educational, and instructional purposes.  But, I feel that one of the most fun aspects of it is the ability to play that age-old childhood game of “I Spy”!  It’s a treasure and scavenger hunt, all rolled into one. 

     As an artist, I am always interested in the little details and the patterns I see.  When I first looked online at the wonderful images possible with Gigapan robotic technology and software, I immediately focused in on things like brick patterns on buildings, stone strata in landscapes, color and pattern in street scenes, and the geometry of manmade and natural scenes.  Then it became a game to look at the tinier, more notable anomalies.  For example, it was fun to find a child with a toy, to find a book title on a shelf, to find a reddish stone amid all the grey ones, and to spot the frowning person amid happier people. 

     In our Computing Workshop, we enjoyed looking together at a Gigapan image and isolating some items that we put on the comments category.  In our comment, we used the “I Spy” technique.  It would be fun to create our I Spy list in rhyme, similar to the way the published “I Spy” books are presented, and perhaps to make a sequence of stitched panoramas on a particular theme.  The possibilities are truly endless, and I’m excited to be involved with this program and with these students.


March 22, 2008

Hi, my name is Derek. I was a student in the summer program for the past two summers, and this is the first time I took the Giga Pan class. I took giga pan because digital photography and video is something that I might like to go to college for.

       I am a freshman at the Freeport Area Senior High school. As my elective this year, I took TV production 1. In that class, we work on the news for the next day. We talk about things like upcoming school events, sports announcements, and sometimes we do funny skits about events.

        Next year I am thinking about taking TV production II. In that class, we make music videos, learn basic editing, and make short documentaries.

             I am very exited about this Giga Pan class, and I am exited about the program coming up this summer.



March 22, 2008

Hi! Whats up!! My name is Erica! Heres a little about me: 

I love animal, I have a dog, I also work at a horse farm and take lessons there once a week. I like to excerise, and I enjoy getting my good grades. I have wonderful active friends, we love to goof-off and prank one another. I have a cheerie disposition. Also, I love to write little stories and novles, about elephants, my favorite animals tied with giraffes and horses.

I love talking with people I am told I give good advice, but I am not perfect, no one is. And I love doing my cyber.

Sarah with an “h”

March 22, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I am Sarah.  The Sarah with an “h” at the end.   I volunteer on Saturday morning at 10:30am.   Students please come to class if you have signed up.  It can be a little discouraging for teachers to volunteer their time, then the students don’t show.  

 Working with the gigapan is most interesting.  I loved looking at the water droplets on the pine trees several feet from the photo site.  That gigapan is posted.  Love to zoom in and zoom out.

I will enjoy it when I can stitch and download pictures from North Park Lake.   I have been having some quarky issues with the download to the stitcher.  

This is the second week at LaRoche, holiday weekend.  Many first session students didn’t come.   Maybe it was the weather forcast, maybe it was the holiday weekend.

 These sessions are kind of an experiment to see how things flow together, how the gigapan works, problems with the gigapan.  Computer requirements for large gigapans are quite intense.   None of my computers at home can handle them.  Our Computing Workshop Gigapan Computers  are a bit better but there still have been some quarks.

I wonder if there are any archival beta software programs  that can handle lower capacity computers or macs that are not intel as I am not in the position to buy a new computer.  (Just  recently bought 2 digital cameras , one for me and one for my son.)

Talk to you soon


March 22, 2008

Hi, I am Jack. A regular novice of photography. I hope to get a lot better during this course.

I love working wih photos, either mine or others. I am still amazed at the changes that alterations to a picture can enhance its value of artistry. GigaPan is going a step further in enhancing a photo, allowing you to expand what is seen and to close in on certain aspects of the picture.


March 22, 2008

Hi I’m John. I like arcade stuff. I go to Fun Fore All every Saturday after computer class since were close by. This is my second week here in computer class. I have a website booked in my computer called, you can zoom in on different cities. I zoomed in on Disney World right on The Tree Of life and Epcot.




March 22, 2008

Welcome to the blog for Computing Workshop’s GigaPan class.  We are partnering with the Digital Imagers, CMU’s Robot 250 project  and CREATE lab!